Unlike mass media advertising, such as television, radio, newspapers or magazines with broad based messages, direct mail enables you to target a particular segment with a personalised message. This makes your direct mail campaign efficient and effective.

• Unlike a TVC which is expensive, the cost of a direct mailer is comparatively lower than other forms of media. Proper selection and focus eliminates wastage as your communication goes directly to the customer.

• Instead of buying a database for a campaign that lasts a month or two, you may opt to rent a database, pushing costs down. Renting a database also gives you the opportunity to reach out to new customers specific to your requirements.

• Save as much as 58% on your postage with DMrocket. To enjoy lower postage rates on your direct mail, ensure that: they are of machinable size, they are pre-sorted according to the first two digits of the postal code & the mailing labels are barcoded.

• Keep your promotion mechanics simple. Give straightforward offers and promotional mechanics as having too many complicated steps may turn potential customers away.

• Build customer loyalty by offering genuine promotions.

• Use a consistent look and feel. Give your prospect the opportunity for recall each time they receive your mailer. Keep your branding so that you don’t have to come up with an entirely new creative each time you develop a new collateral. This should save time and money.

• When sending direct mail to B2B prospects, target various designations in the organizations in large companies, decisions are made on many levels. Try mailing to different designations simultaneously, with perhaps targeted copy addressing each level’s concerns.

• Most businesses will get a large percentage of their sales from a small percentage of their customers. Know precisely who makes up this small percentage and aim your collaterals to grow that segment.


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