When it comes to advertising luxury brands, discerning customers demand a multi-sensory brand experience. Our direct mail does this best. 

The tactile pleasure of opening an elegant addressed mail, for instance, gives customers a sense of luxury. As leave-behind material, it also encourages top-of-mind recall. Direct mail works wonders for your retention strategy as customers are more likely to keep your glossy mail, not just as future reference but also for the emotional enjoyment it brings. While email offers are easily forgotten or deleted, your direct mail  has the potential of being passed on to your customers’ circle of influence.

To make your direct mail more robust, integrate it with our mobile app ScanDelight. It lets your customers scan QR codes on your direct mail, bridging them from a physical to a digital space where they can reply to an invite for a preview or an event, or perhaps even receive an offer or claim a coupon.

Similarly, you could also add value to your mailer by integrating Augmented Reality in order to create more depth and dimension to your customers’ overall experience.

Best of all, you can leverage our Sample Store, by bringing the experience of luxury straight into the homes of your most discerning customers. By sending them exclusive samples, you give them not just a taste of your product but also a sense of privilege that befits your brand.

To read more about our success stories with property,automotive and luxury products, and to view samples of our past work, click here.


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