Traditional media such as direct mail needs to find a complementary position among the mix of new communication mediums available to marketers to stay relevant.

This study looks to update our understanding of perceptions towards the role and impact of direct mail in the face of consumer’s changing media habits when receiving marketing communications, and how it can be optimised alongside other media.

Research Study Design

Targeted Respondent

• Aged 15 & above

• Has received at least one Addressed mail or Unaddressed mail in the past 3 months

• Singapore resident population representative


Data Collection Method: Online

Fieldwork period: 5 – 15 August 2013

Average length of questionnaire: 29 minutes

Sample size: N=1007 

Interview language: English


Summary of Key Findings

  • Direct mail continues to play an important role in the consumers’ decision making process by bringing their attention to information that may be relevant to them (87%) and providing a constant reminder on the availability of products and services (78%)
  • Indeed, 84% of consumers saw Direct Mail as an important medium for providing follow on information, and 85% saw Direct Mail as complementing brand communications seen online or on other media as it gives them something physical to refer to.
  • 83% of consumers continue to enjoy receiving & reading relevant promotional direct mail as it is less intrusive (85%)
  • Addressed mail in particular is among the top 5 media channels in terms of effectiveness in reaching out to consumers, especially among the 25-34 yrs olds.
  • A good 91% of consumers will retain addressed mail, and 83% of them will pass it onto at least one other family member. 52% will pass the mail onto more than 2 family members, attesting to addressed mail’s multiplier effect for communications
  • While 90% of consumers agreed that the direct mail they have received are creative and attractive, quality of addressed mail is perceived to be better than unaddressed mail.
  • Addressed mail is most preferred by consumers for targeted, tactical marketing communications such as member activities (60%), and member-only promotions (59%). 86% of consumers agreed that Direct mail ads help them understand the brand better and will continue to use the brand. Compared to other media, direct mail rates the highest in:
  • Getting me interested in a product or service
  • Encouraging me to respond to communications on a product or service
  • Getting my attention
  • Making me feel like an important, valued customer
  • Reinforcing my relationships with the brand
  • Addressed mail work particularly well (top 1 or 2 preferred information channel) for high value product/services, and categories where the decision making is as much driven by emotional needs as functional aspects of the products, such as Banking, Luxury goods, Education, Shopping, Travel, Communications, Beauty and Wellness, and Jewellery.
  • Nonetheless, unaddressed mail is not to be discounted – 68% do not consider unaddressed mail to be junk mail, and this channel rates among the top 4 preferred option for receiving communications from brands consumers do not currently use

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