Find simplified solutions for your next marketing idea. DMrocket Marketing Lab is an all-in-one portal featuring easy-to-use tools designed for marketers. We provide self-serve tools to upload and manage a database, derive basic insights and run targeted campaigns. You have everything you need to hit the ground running, quickly and hassle-free.



DMrocket Marketing Lab understands that data exploration depends on the validity and significance of information. Thus data cleansing is equally important, if not more important, as data analysis.

Data cleansing is a vital cog that involves processing and removing inaccurate and duplicate records as well validating records against an accurate list of entities. We have also included tools to enable you to filter records, merge files or combine multiple databases. Marketers also have the flexibility to select their own fields for cleansing.


DMrocket Marketing Lab helps marketers gain useful insights. With basic data mining tools like clustering, decision tree and regression to unlock the potential in data, you are now able to build an even closer relationship with your customers.


Running an effective campaign is the primary goal of every marketer. Through gained insights, you can now launch multichannel campaigns using DMrocket Marketing Lab. Powerful instruments such as QR, mobile messaging and email engines allow you to: send QR-personalised direct mails, broadcast SMSes and send e-DMs respectively and simultaneously.

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