Tiger Beer wanted to get buzz around its bold new image. Here’s how it created an exclusive touch for its media launch.


Tiger Beer launched a bold new global campaign to an exclusive guest list of select media and influencers in May. For the 82-yearold brand, “Tiger Uncage” is the biggest transformation in its history, with a 360-degree campaign where every brand touch-point was refreshed, except the world-acclaimed brew. This campaign ran counter to traditional beer advertising themes, encouraging young adults across Asia to “ignite the Tiger inside” and take the leap to follow their passions and dreams. Guests were treated to the international premiere of three short films showcasing real stories of young Asian personalities, including Singapore’s very own Anthony Chen. The films illustrated how they forged their own paths, challenged norms and expectations, and broke free from conformity.

To communicate the special and exclusive event, information on the direct mailers was kept brief with the only hint being, “It’s Time to Uncage”, coupled with key event details. On the reverse side, the invite had a magnetic strip with the instructions, “Swipe Card to Enter”, telling guests that doors would close at a specific time. The mailers were enclosed in envelopes designed to look like cages, again, alluding to the premise of the campaign. All these details piqued guests’ curiosity and intrigue in the lead-up to the event, building excitement and buzz preceding the global launch.

One of the many touch-points for guests was the unconventional registration method at the event. Instead of having a registration counter at ArtScience Museum’s Rain Oculus, guests accessed the venue by swiping their mailed invitation, which signalled Tiger’s first act of “uncaging” its launch event experience.

Upon entering, guests were identified personally and each received a personalized leather wrist band with a key, allowing them to access their initialled lockers to retrieve curated door gifts. These gifts were unconventional, such as a unique fi lm-going experience, a haircut and men’s grooming experience, complimentary music lessons or paddle yoga classes. Each guest’s gift was specially selected to complement them to ensure their “Uncage” experience extended beyond the event.

Besides the three films featuring the “Uncage Heroes”, there were also three event touch-points: “Who says you can’t play with food?” – presented by Labyrinth’s molecular gastronomy station; “Who says classical music isn’t ground breaking?” – presented by Sa Collective’s modern electronic take on traditional Chinese instrumentals; and “Who says cages are permanent?” – presented by the doodle wall that prompted guests to visualise what their life would look like, uncaged.

From the initial invitation, right to personalised door gifts at the event, Tiger’s “Uncage” campaign challenged conventions of a typical launch experience, marking a brave step forward for the brand as it paves an increasingly resonant direction in Asia and beyond.


To helm the global launch of Tiger Beer’s brand repositioning – Uncage.


A direct mailer with a “swipe to access” mechanism, granting guests access to the “by invite only” launch event.


More than 100 invited guests, including media and influencers from the fields of music, fashion, design and entrepreneurship, attended the global launch of Tiger Beer’s brand repositioning on 21 May 2014, with social conversations continuing online via #Uncage.

First published on marketing-interactive.com

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