A talking direct mailer has people listening to MOH’s healthcare message.



Part of the Ministry of Health’s Healthcare  2020 Masterplan is to add 3,700 hospital beds  and increase the local intake of healthcare  professionals, including nurses and allied health professionals. It was crucial for us then to start  to cultivate interest and build pipelines of young talent for these positions. 

The brief from the client was simple – conceptualise a campaign that targets the youth of today, correct the negative perceptions associated with the healthcare industry and brand it as fun, dynamic, rewarding and empowering.

We understood the profile of the target audience very well – one that is savvy (they are also commonly known as the ‘strawberry’ or ‘I’ generation – where it’s all about placing themselves first above everything else.) They are also young and impressionable. For a campaign to capture their attention and resonate with them it would really need to have the ‘wow’ factor. 

To achieve this, the first step naturally was to conceptualise a campaign that would correct the negative perceptions of healthcare – that it is a mundane and thankless job. To effectively do this, the creative direction featured intriguing headlines and bold, first-person perspective copy. This was also partnered with a palette of strong and dynamic pop colours (which help to further strengthen the concept) with actual healthcare workers strategically taking centre stage and motivating the audience to react to the call-to-action, which was to drive them to the campaign Facebook page. 

The concept “I’m” consisted of a series of seven ads featuring nurses and various allied health professionals in seven different pop colours. These ads consisted of a collection of strong headlines like “I’m your hope”, “I’m your strength”, “I’m your comfort”.

The next obvious step was to communicate the campaign effectively, running it on various media platforms like buses, newspapers, TV and of course, Facebook. Above all, we wanted a physical collateral that would be the strongest touch-point to our target audience and as such, we employed the good-old direct mailer (DM) but of course, with a twist.

And our ‘talking DM’ was born.

Two distinct DMs were conceptualised and distributed to our target audience via our client’s database, one of a nurse and the other a radiographer.

The slightly larger than A5-sized DMs had the campaign ad on one side and the talent’s face on the other. In the position of the talent’s mouth was a key-line tracing of an iPhone, which featured a QR code and this simple instruction to the recipient: “Scan the QR code and place your iPhone within this box”.

When the user did so, the static image ‘magically’ came to life and talked to the target audience. 

This ‘wow’ effect was achieved by strategically combining two technological platforms that the youths are very familiar with i.e., QR codes and YouTube. The agency first recorded a video of the talent’s mouth area, with the talent introducing who and what he/she does, followed by the key selling points of the healthcare industry and subsequently, uploading the video onto YouTube. A QR code of the video’s YouTube link was generated and printed on the DM in the position of the talent’s lips. When scanned, the video will play and in place of the photo-shot of the talent’s mouth area, will be the actual video with the talent’s mouth and lips moving, creating the effect that the talent is actually talking to the recipient.

One thousand pieces of our ‘talking DM’ were distributed and the results were amazing! A total of 958 scans were recorded and within a period of three months, the campaign’s Facebook page had over 5,000 ‘likes’, which helped the MOH create a pool of interested people.


                                                                             The  Mail 


To cultivate interest in the youth of today for the healthcare profession.



To start to create interest and build pipelines of young talent for positions in nursing and other allied healthcare professionals.



1,000 pieces of the DM received 958 QR code scans. In three months, the campaign’s Facebook page had over 5,000 ‘likes’, helping the MOH
create a pool of interested people for the rest of its marketing activities.



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