Citibank draws consumers to new credit card sign-ups by appealing to their wanderlust.



At Citi, our credit card propositions are aligned to meet the needs of our customers, namely cash back, rewards and air miles. To understand our customers’ preferences, we regularly conduct market research. The findings show that travel is one of the major category spends for our card members and air miles is a key feature that customers want when they redeem their rewards. With this in mind, we launched the Citi PremierMiles American Express® Card, where our card members can now enjoy privileges that are offered by two global brands – Citi Gourmet Pleasures and American Express Selects.

This is the first time that Citibank Singapore has offered a credit card on the American Express platform. The Citi PremierMiles American Express® Card rewards card members with the highest earn rate for Citi Miles in the market – 2.5 Citi Miles per dollar spent at Singapore Airlines, SilkAir and KrisShop. In addition, for every SG$1 spent overseas or locally, card members will earn two Citi Miles and 1.4 Citi Miles respectively. With this travel card, card members can also enjoy the widest range of redemption choices in the market and have the flexibility to choose from more than 10 airlines’ frequent flyer programmes and hotel loyalty programmes in travelling to almost every destination in the world.

To show the strong partnership between Citi and Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer, the partner-led direct mail package was dressed in a muted beige batik print, inspired by the renowned Singapore Girl uniform, and designed to subtly evoke a brand association with the leading airline. This key art element was used throughout the custom-sized direct mailer to give it a distinct sophistication.

The mailer was directed at KrisFlyer programme members, and for customers who signed up through the mailer, they were promised a sign-on Citi Miles bonus that was indicated on the envelope.

A gatefold postcard holder was enclosed in the envelope and it depicted the credit card’s key graphic of an aeroplane flying across the cover to signify take off. The holder opened up to reveal an eye-catching postcard panorama of the bright lights of New York City. It showed the headline, “Get there faster …” and informed recipients the number of Citi Miles they needed to get to the destination.

The New York evening skyline is featured because it is symbolic of an incredible travel experience and the premium opportunities that card members can enjoy. Behind the New York postcard, an application form, in the form of a postcard, was also included. It featured an SIA Aircraft – symbolising the partnership that Citi PremierMiles American Express® Card has with Singapore Airlines and the KrisFlyer programme. The campaign was a joint effort between Citibank’s product and marketing teams


To encourage more Citibank credit card sign-ups.


A direct mailer themed on the Singapore Girl uniform to reach KrisFlyer programme members.


Within the first month of the mail drop, more than 20% of the respondents became PPS/Elite KrisFlyer members.

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