OCBC got its message across in the midst of Christmas cheer with a direct mail campaign.


Our client OCBC has always been known within the media circle for being creative with its Christmas party gift ideas; and for its 2013 media Christmas party, it had to be better than previous years.

The brief was simple. For its Christmas 2013 gifts (which were to be hand-delivered to respective recipients), OCBC knew it wanted to give out a “power-bank” (where partial proceeds from the sale of the “power-bank” would go to the Singapore Children’s Society) along with Christmas cookies which flavours were specially customised and baked by an artisan.

The challenge for our agency was, however, not that simple – how could we associate something like a power-bank with cookies? The idea also had to tie into the festive greetings. We knew we definitely wanted the gift to create a wow-factor, but more importantly, we wanted to leave recipients feeling like OCBC had once again surprised them with their creativity and ingenuity.

Our creative solution came in a DM kit which was cleverly conceptualised to look like a gigantic battery that was being charged by a power-bank.

The battery was made up of 12 cookies (each to represent one day of Christmas) and the cookies were intricately coloured and flavoured to look like how a battery would look like when being charged – red to signify it being flat and green to signify it being fully charged.

To better strengthen the overall concept of the Christmas DM, the cover had the simple festive greeting of “Power up your holidays”.


To create a gift to remember for recipients.


A set of cookies made to look like a power bank.


A memorable touch for OCBC’s customers.

First published on marketing-interactive.com

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