A sensory sensation awaited Lux’s target audience in a direct mailer. Here’s how the brand pulled it off.


In conjunction with the relaunch of LUX and its all-new collection of fine fragrance skin treats in Singapore, the brand customised an exclusive Spark Kit to bring to life the campaign idea of “Igniting the Spark” through a multi-sensory approach of smell, sight, touch and interactive experiences. Each Spark Kit was exquisitely put together with the purpose of giving women touchable soft skin and a great fragrance to ignite the “Spark” with their partners through smell and touch.

Dressed in luxurious silk and pink, the Spark Kit design was inspired by the Soft Touch variant from the LUX Classic Collection as well as the Ignite Your Spark campaign – with research on how women ignite the Spark in their relationships with their partners. The research, conducted among women aged 18-49 in Singapore, showed us women associate igniting the Spark with a beautiful fragrance and touchable soft skin.

To communicate the LUX Spark research findings, the recipients of our Spark Kit were treated to the LUX Soft Touch body wash, infused with Silk Essence™ and a rose scent, a pair of dice which suggested various combinations of intimate activities for couples to ignite the Spark, creating an interactive yet mischievous experience for the couple, and an insert with tips to ignite the Spark.

The Spark Kits were also meant to be invitations to the brand’s first and biggest PR event, the House of LUX Singapore on 16 April. Within the Spark Kits, we included a cut-out of a perfume bottle, teasing guests to collect their very own bottle of Soft Touch at the House of LUX event, where they were up close with award-winning perfumer and creator of the Soft Touch fragrance, Calice Becker.

Being the first and biggest brand relaunch here, a total of 140 Spark Kits were created. Each and every Spark Kit was sprayed with the Soft Touch fragrance and hand-delivered to editors of major media houses, beauty writers and key opinion leaders. Photographs of the Spark Kits later became drivers for pre-event buzz in social media spaces owned by publications and social influencers.

From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to the blogosphere, the LUX media drops generated a huge social presence, sparking conversations such as “The sensual LUX teases our senses – with an invitation to its house” and “Thank you LUX for the lovely box set, naughty date dice included.”


To relaunch Lux and its all-new collection of fine fragrance skin treats in Singapore.


A Lux Spark Kit direct mailer to act as an event invite.


More than 150 media guests, bloggers, and retail partners attended the House of LUX at 72-13 Gallery on 16 April to witness the unveiling of the all-new LUX collection, while social conversations of the brand relaunch continue online.

First published on marketing-interactive.com

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