To find new subscribers, Readers Digest won over customers with prizes and lucky draws.




Our objective was to convert the Reader’s  Digest customers who buy our general book products to subscribe to the Reader’s Digest magazine

Our campaign was divided into two direct mailers which we named “No More Excuses” and “Economical Monster Winning”.

The sample size for Singapore and Malaysia was determined to be at 4000 and 4500, respectively.

The customers were sent a teaser mailer to inform them that they would be receiving a further mailer with the subscription details and a chance to participate in the 26th Reader’s Digest Sweepstakes.

In the main mailer, the customers were offered an exclusive discount on their subscription to 12 issues of the Reader’s Digest Asia (English edition) and promised a gift if they were to sign up within the stipulated timeline. In addition, our customers were given the opportunity to participate in the Reader’s Digest Sweepstakes’ Super Grand Prize of SG$200,000 and the Thank You Prize of SG$125,000 in cash or a car with a similar worth.

A further sweetener of a SG$30,000 Preferred Customer Bonus was thrown in for the winner of the Thank You Prize if a respond was made within seven days upon receipt of the main mailer.

 For the customers who were not ready for a magazine subscription, they were offered the chance to remain in the running for all the other prizes in our 26th Reader’s Digest Sweepstakes.

This highly successful campaign serves to highlight the versatility of Reader’s Digest as a publishing and direct mail company. Our ability to use the direct mail channel to draw our customers across the different categories with impressive pull rates indicates that we are providing good value and exposure to our advertisers.


                                                                    The Mail 


To convert the Reader’s Digest customers who buy our general books products to subscribe to the Reader’s Digest magazine.


Customers were offered an exclusive discount on their subscription to 12 issues of the Reader’s Digest Asia (English edition) and promised a gift if they were to sign up within the stipulated timeline.


Pull rates of 22.8% for Singapore and 17.3% for Malaysia.



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