Instead of simply asking for donations for its annual fundraising, the Cancer Society sent out bear-themed postcards to potential donors.


The Singapore Cancer Society sends out a very simple “business reply envelope” (BRE) every Christmas under an initiative called “The Joy of Giving”, asking for donations from its database of donors. It’s a very standard process and the biggest concern is not to spend too much of donor money on fancy direct mailers (hence, the simple BRE).

When we took on the brief, we did two things.

One, we decided the Christmas element should be dialed up more. And two, to send an actual Christmas card along with the BRE so the recipient gets something nice and Christmassy without feeling like they were hit for donations with the usual hard luck stories.

So we designed a total of five Christmas cards, each colourful and featuring the silhouette of a bear with headlines of bear puns. Every direct mail, therefore, had one of these five cards and the standard BRE.

Why the bear and what’s with the bear puns on the card? This was because the Cancer Society was selling limited edition bears with hand-made outfits by cancer survivors all through Christmas (on ground at Vivo). The cards were sold in packs of five as well.

The donation drive pulled in more than SG$130,000 and had a record collection of SG$19,000 in one day alone.

Up & Up provided the concept for the postcards and the design.


Turn up the Christmas element in the mailers and send recipients something nice so they would not feel like they had been pushed to donate.


Create bear-themed postcards based on The Cancer Society’s sale of limited edition bears.


The donation drive pulled in more than SG$130,000 and had a record collection of SG$19,000 in one day alone.

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