How a pair of boxing gloves got AXA love and glory.

Nothing excites like an electrifying showdown, especially when two well-known celebrities face off against each other. To create buzz and invite the media for AXA’s new product launch, we decided to send a unique direct mailer that related well to the “ultimate face-off” theme of the launch event.

Without revealing the campaign theme, the media invite came in the form of a boxing match ticket (with a ticket sleeve in tow) that was tagged with a pair of boxing gloves.

The ticket was specially designed to replicate the look of a real boxing match ticket – from the perforated side that’s synonymous to an “old-school” admission ticket – down to the smallest details. Every design element was thoroughly thought through, such as the red stars, boxing gloves as well as the ticket sleeve used to contain the ticket. No details were spared in the making of this invite.

The boxing gloves that came with the invite served to create intrigue. But more than just that, they gave an additional notch of competitiveness and hype which resonated with the theme and served as a teaser of what to expect at the event – an ultimate showdown between two celebrity guests.

Last, but not least, we took it a step further with the way we delivered the invites to our targeted media. A mini activation was initiated with the deployment of two SEA Games boxers. Decked in full red and blue boxing gear respectively, the boxers surprised the media guests at their respective location by circling around, interacting with them and finally hand-delivering the invites to them.



We wanted to spark the interest of targeted media to get them to RSVP for the event, as well as post the invites online to create buzz.


Target audience:

Traditional media as well as online influencers who have a focus on family and parenting.



Out of the total direct mailers sent, more than half attended the event. More than 60% were interested to find out more about the product and its offerings.

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