How do you make deals and offers more enticing? Send them straight to your customers" hands. Literally, that is. Our mobile app, ScanDelight, allows your customers to scan, read and instantly redeem deals using their smart phones. Customers simply scan a QR code on your mailer, read the offer and redeem it. Alternatively, your offer can be sent via location alert to app users when they are within the pre-selected location and time.

The result: a richer, more engaging experience of receiving physical mail that turns customers into believers, happy to spread the word about your promotion by either using the app, or perhaps, over a cup of coffee with friends. 

For advertisers like you, ScanDelight"s samples redemption, e-coupons, and location alerts give you a more interactive consumer touch point, and wider reach. In fact, anyone with a smart phone is on your radar- which, according to Nielsen, is 87% of the total population. Not bad for a captive audience.

ScanDelight also allows you to easily capture database information with its sample collection form; track real time redemption with its online advertiser tracking portal; and provides essential analytics to help you strategize your marketing campaign effectively. 






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