Turn your customers into your brand ambassadors. Let them try your product before they buy. Samplestore.com, Singapore’s first tryvertising platform, makes it all possible. It’s one-to-one advertising with real products delivered directly to the mailboxes of the people who want them.  The result: an efficiently managed sampling process with a very precise, relevant and responsive audience.

By using Samplestore.com, you make your product available to Samplestore.com 100,000 active members. They request for product samples, try them in the comfort of their homes and share their experiences online. Think of it as product sampling on steroids.

• It provides you a relevant audience as your products are requested by interested customers.

• It helps you achieve zero wastage given a targeted audience.

• It offers you genuine product reviews and feedback from those who have actually sampled your products.

Samplestore.com services also include a dedicated product page, a rating and review system, facilitation of surveys, and real-time statistics for insights into responses and user opinions. 

You can also leverage our seeding program, which taps highly influential Starters, Bloggers and Editors, to help your products penetrate the market and establish a closer connection with its audience. And for premium brands that demand exclusivity, Samplestore.com even offers customized white label solutions.

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