In marketing, reaching out to customers is just one part of the equation. 

If you want to zero in on your target – by sectors and by housing type – you can opt for Admail, our cost-effective unaddressed maildrop service that lets you reach 1.2 million households in Singapore; a great advantage for your mass or lead-generation campaigns.

On the other hand, for those who cannot be reached by maildrop services, you can rely on our HomeDirect service as it gives you access to over 85,000 affluent households in premium apartments.

The other part of the marketing equation is getting responses from customers. Save them the hassle with the help of our Business Reply Services (BRS). By including BRS envelopes in your mailers, you free your customers from buying stamps, while you only pay for responses you receive. Tracking responses, whether these are local or international, is also made easy by simply using different BRS envelopes.

For mail-back responses from customers, an efficient system of managing your mail can be achieved by renting a Post Office (P.O.) Box from SingPost. With over 60 PO Box locations, SingPost allows you to enjoy the convenience of having your campaign responses (for contest entries or mail orders) segregated from your usual office mail.

For regular bulk Direct Mail, our Postage Paid Impression (PPI) Service saves you precious time from affixing stamps and franking mail.

When customers finally send you their responses, our data entry services will help you manage that crucial customer feedback you’ve been waiting for.

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